Mobile Advertising ID Opt Out

Download the Magenta Marketing Platform Choices
app to opt out of interest-based advertising from
Marketing Solutions.

T-Mobile Advertising Solutions develops and utilizes technology that creates aggregated interest and behavior-based audience segments, drives targeted advertising campaigns, and performs analytics services for our advertising customers. When we sell audience segments, we do not sell information that directly identifies consumers, like name, address, or email. Rather, audience segments are associated with mobile advertising IDs. For more information, visit our Advertising and Analytics page.

What is an advertising ID?

Advertising IDs are pseudonymous, resettable identifiers that allow for personalized advertising on devices. Advertising IDs were developed to give users better control of advertising and provide developers with a standard system to monetize their apps.

With the Magenta Marketing Platform Choices app, the advertising ID for your device will automatically be pulled. You can also find your advertising ID by clicking here.

How you can opt out

Mobile device users who do not want to receive interest-based advertising from T-Mobile Advertising Solutions may opt-out in several ways:

If you know your device Advertising ID, you may also opt-out by entering it below:



Additional resources

Mobile device users who do not want to receive interest-based advertising more universally may opt-out in additional ways. The AppChoices program is supported by the following industry associations which provide a universal way to opt out of analytics and ad targeting by all participating companies in a geographic location, like the United States, including T-Mobile Advertising Solutions and many of our partners. You can learn more below.

Please note that (a) there will be a lag for an advertising ID to be removed from previously distributed targeting segments that are already active at the time when the opt-out is exercised and (b) opting-out will not block general advertisements that are sent at random and not tied to the perceived interest of the user of a particular device.